Chasing The Dragon copy master tapes now available on 7-inch reels at 7.5ips

Let’s say you launch into the world of tape with a vintage domestic deck. And you’re having a fine time playing old, commercially-released tapes that you’ve been gleefully tracking down on eBay and the like…

But then, one day, a couple of master tape copies begin to catch your eye. All of a sudden there seem to be more and more audiophile record labels bringing out recordings on copy master tape that are getting rave reviews, and you can’t wait to get in on the action. But – argh! – your vintage domestic deck can’t take a 10.5-inch reel or play at 15ips and you haven’t currently got the space or budget to treat yourself to a second pro-style machine. What to do?

Well, audiophile label Chasing The Dragon is aware of your plight and has come to your aid. All of the label’s recordings on copy master tape are now available on 7-inch reels at 7.5ips, in addition to the usual 10.5-inch / 15ips tapes.

And, for those of us in the fortunate position of owning a deck that takes multiple reel sizes and offers a selection of speeds (or indeed of owning two decks), then we now have choices. We can opt for the crème de la crème of Chasing The Dragon’s wares on 10.5-inch / 15ips at £360 per album, or we can choose to sacrifice just a little of the crème for a 7-inch / 7.5ips copy at £160 (prices are excl p&p).

In the case of both formats, these are direct, real-time, one-to-one copy masters of the same source recording, which are made using a pair of Studer A820s. All of the original masters are recorded on half-track tape at 30ips.

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