R2R goes mainstream as the ‘return of reel-to-reel’ is heralded in the UK’s Sunday Telegraph newspaper (hint: the rambler may have given them a tip-off!)

“It began with vinyl, and cassettes closely followed. But now reel-to-reel tape decks have joined the analogue revival and are making a comeback, as musicians reject new technology for the ‘unbelievable’ sound of the classic machines.” So writes journalist Laura FitzPatrick in this weekend’s Sunday Telegraph, a national newspaper with a print run of around 300k and a reach of 1.6 million readers.

FitzPatrick contacted us here at the rambler just a few days prior, to say that The Telegraph was planning to run a short piece on the reel-to-reel revival and had been told that our very own Dave Denyer was the man to speak to on the matter. Which was very nice indeed to hear (so we owe a big thank you and an equally large drink to whoever did the telling, if you care to identify yourself!).

In true rambler style, Dave waxed lyrical (as he’s prone to do) on the subject in quite some detail – no doubt giving poor FitzPatrick at least five times the amount of information she needed for the short piece! But hey, she was evidently not indifferent to his enthusiasm, since the resulting piece has quite a nice buzz about it and clearly points to a growing passion for all things reel-to-reel.

And the rambler learnt a thing or two along the way too. “Pop stars including Lady Gaga, Florence and the Machine and Tame Impala have all recorded albums through the dated technology for a warmer sound,” while reel-to-reel decks “are now a staple in modern recording studios and all-star music producers like Mark Ronson are leading the trend to create amalgamated sounds that haven’t existed in the past.” Sounds good to us!

You can read the Sunday Telegraph piece in full here: Return of reel-to-reel as musicians reject digital for better sound of dated technology

The slightly shorter print version is below.