A quick chat with… Chasing the Dragon’s Mike Valentine

The eighth in a short series of videos captured at the recent Hi-Fi Show Live in Ascot, UK – in which we grab a quick chat with a handful of fellow R2R appreciators.

Here, we talk tape with Mike Valentine of UK-based audiophile label Chasing the Dragon. Always an engaging and entertaining speaker, Mike gives great cause for optimism in the world of R2R. Reflecting on his own label’s sales across various formats, he notes that demand for tapes has “come from almost nothing, rising right up through the floor, and [is] slowly continuing up.”

And it’s not just in the UK where he’s seeing an upward trend. “We’re very lucky to have distribution in 14 countries now, and with every single country that comes on board, their first question is ‘are you doing reel-to-reel tapes?’ So there’s a fantastic resurgence in interest”.

Find out, too, what’s coming up from Chasing the Dragon in the year ahead (spoiler alert… new titles in spring 2020 will include a stunning recording of Bach’s cello suites – check out Neville Roberts’ behind the scenes report from the live recording – which includes a free sample download).