Revealed: Ken Kessler’s top 10 used open-reel decks

Top hi-fi journalist and self-confessed R2R junkie Ken Kessler knows a thing or two about tape decks old and new, so if you’re in the market for a good secondhand machine, who better to guide to through the maze of what’s available.

In a recent issue of Hi-Fi News magazine, Ken shared with readers his top ten recommendations.

“While it’s true I am obsessed with open-reel tape, I am constantly reminded – not least via our postbag – that getting back into tape is costly for both hardware and software,” he writes. This, combined with a frequent urge to make imaginary lists (the self-isolation of lockdown is getting to us all), led Ken to ponder, in a growing R2R market where “prices are escalating like used Rolexes”, what’s out there that’s still affordable and still worth having?

The folks at Hi-Fi News have helpfully published the full article online – check it out here: Top 10 Open-Reel Decks | Hi-Fi News.