“Among the mechanically best I’ve ever seen”: Ken Kessler gives RX Reels a spin

Back in March we discovered US-based Kevin Root’s RX Reels, high quality tape reels made from upcycled aviation grade carbon fibre that look great and easily out-perform the usual plastic types.

Ken Kessler recently checked them out for soundstagehifi.com.

“When you remove them from the box, you sense the flatness, the precision, and—lo and behold!—in use they provide the most even take-up I’ve experienced.” Trying them on Denon, Otari and Technics decks, “In every case, the tape spooled to the same flat perfection you usually only see when you open up a factory-fresh blank tape.”

You can read Ken’s full article online at www.soundstagehifi.com/index.php/international/soundstage-uk/1550-reel-to-reel-for-life

Find out more at https://rxreels.com

RX Reels PR image