New from International Phonograph Inc: Jimmy Smith Trio live in 1964

Stop press! I was just finishing off my review of International Phonograph Inc (IPI)’s  Ravi Shankar Live in Luxembourg when an email from IPI landed in my inbox with an irresistible offer… a rare tape of great musicians that few will ever hear, and at a very reasonable price.

Here are the details.

Jimmy Smith

Jimmy Smith Trio — 31 March 1964

Jimmy Smith needs no introduction. He was at the forefront of classic jazz organ playing in the 1960s, with a funky, bluesy sound heavily influenced by gospel music. Here on this rare tape from 31 March 1964, we find him playing live before an appreciative audience at the Olympia Theatre in Paris. Also in this trio setting are Quentin Warren on guitar and William Hart on drums.

IPI’s Jonathan Horwich writes, “The music is just what you’d expect: down-home organ jazz. The sound is quite good with the organ very present and centred, which is obvious from the opening note of The Sermon (the first track on the tape). I’m unable to tell if the tape is mono or stereo; my guess is stereo, but with instruments pretty much centred in the sound stage. Either way, the sound is good and communicates the musical intent.”

The tape contains 33 minutes of music – three somewhat lengthy excursions, ‘The Sermon’, ‘Sunnymoon For Two’ and ‘Walk On The Wild Side’.

“The tape is available on production copy only as I must preserve this historic master,” says Jonathan.

Price is the usual $150.00.