Metaxas & Sins Tourbillon T-RX reel-to-reel tape deck gets a Golden Ear Award from The Absolute Sound

“Alongside the UHA SuperDeck, the Metaxas Tourbillon T-RX is the highest fidelity audio component I’ve auditioned,” says US audio magazine The Absolute Sound’s Jonathan Valin.

Considering Valin auditions the greatest hi-fi kit from around the world for a living, that’s high praise for sure!

Each year, The Absolute Sound’s reviewers are asked to select those components which, for them, stand out from the competition, so there’s one Golden Ear Award bestowed by each reviewer. Some of their choices are longstanding references that have withstood the test of time, while others are newfound favorites destined to become classics. For a tape deck to win out over all else, both longstanding and brand new, for a reviewer as experienced as Valin, well I reckon that’s quite something!

You can read more from Jonathan about why he singled out the Metaxas deck at

Find out more about the Tourbillon T-RX at For the UHA SuperDeck it’s