New from Chasing the Dragon: custom-made reels for all master tape copies

Chasing the Dragon is a UK-based niche audiophile label that makes superb quality recordings on reel-to-reel tape only, which are then released as master tape copies as well as in various vinyl formats (direct cut, audiophile and binaural) and on CD.

Chasing the Dragon’s Mike Valentine has just announced that all of their master tape copies will now be supplied using the company’s own reels, which are custom-made in Germany to an exceptionally high standard.

The reels sport precision-machined aluminium hubs and thick aluminium flanges. Each flange is attached with five screws (rather than the usual three) – so ten screws in total per reel, for enhanced precision and rigidity. The design is cool too, featuring super smart gold anodised flanges with the label’s logo printed in red (on one side), while the hub is anodised in matt black.

This comes on the back of other recent changes to Chasing the Dragon’s tape output, all in the name of ‘best possible quality’. The company recently switched to using Recording the Masters SM900 and LPR90 tapes (depending on programme length), both for their superb sound quality and also for their excellent spooling characteristics. All tapes are supplied in ATR’s highly durable, hard plastic Tape Care Boxes.

Chasing the Dragon’s tape prices in 2023 are £400 (inc. VAT) for a single reel album and £700 for the Vivaldi in Venice two-reel set. Browse the complete catalogue at