“The reel deal”: the rambler makes the case for tape in Hi-Fi Choice magazine

In the latest issue (October 2018) of Hi-Fi Choice you’ll find the reel-to-reel rambler lurking among the ‘Opinion’ columns. “Self-confessed analogue addict Dave Denyer…” it says. I can’t argue with that.

The piece charts my journey into tape, starting with a pivotal love-at-first-listen moment in September 2013 – which you can also read about in an earlier post here: Mike Valentine is to blame: falling in love again or how I came to be a reel-to-reel rambler.

I then talk a bit about the huge learning curve I subsequently found myself on, given that, unlike with the vinyl revival, the world of tape had pretty much underground and so to find one’s way – competently – forward, presented something of a challenge.

And those are basically the two reasons I started this website. First, as a place to ramble on about my love for all things tape. And second, to share what I’d learnt along the way – in hours upon hours of research, conversations, online searching, watching videos, skulking in chat rooms, etc. Not that it was a chore, mind you. I’m a devoted audiophile geek and so of course I enjoyed every minute of it!

Many thanks to Hi-Fi Choice editor Lee Dunkley for his interest and support – not only of the rambler, but of R2R tape as a whole. The magazine has run a number of pieces on the subject over the past year or so, which is great to see.

The October issue is on sale now.