A quick chat with… audiophile jazz artist Lyn Stanley

The fifth in a short series of videos captured at the recent Hi-Fi Show Live 2019 in Ascot, UK – in which we grab a quick chat with handful of fellow tape appreciators.

Here, Dave Denyer catches up with international jazz artist Lyn Stanley and discovers what inspired her to record audiophile-quality albums on master tape.


You can also watch Lyn’s excellent presentation from the Reel-to-Reel Rambler room at Hi-Fi Show Live, recorded by Terry Ellis for audiophile webzine www.pursuitperfectsystem.com.  It’s an engaging watch, full of behind-the-scenes insights into the recording process – not least because Lyn works with some of the world’s leading producers and sound engineers.

Discover more about Lyn and her music at https://lynstanley.com