Djabe & Steve Hackett: The Journey Continues Tour on tape

Back in January 2020 (that’s BC – before Covid) I discovered the Hungarian band Djabe and was hugely excited to learn that they were (a) working with ex-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett, and (b) releasing albums on tape (if you missed that blog, it’s here: Discovering Djabe).

Since then I’ve become a confirmed fan so here I am getting excited again, because they’ve just released a new double album on tape.

It’s a live recording from their 2019 ‘Journey Continues’ tour (yes, with Steve Hackett).

The closing night performance was recorded in Nyíregyháza, Hungary and has just been released as a double album in a choice of formats: vinyl, CD/DVD and reel-to-reel tape. Obviously it’s the latter that’s of particular interest here. What we have are two four-track, 18cm (7-inch) tapes. The tape is RTM (Recording the Masters) LPR90. On request Djabe will also make a 2-track 15ips copy on 2 x 10.5” reels of LPR90. The performance was recorded digitally and you can find full details including the band members and set list, and view a YouTube clip, here on Djabe’s website.

You can pre-order online now for just 60 Euros at