Analog Audio Design launches a brand new tape deck

Back in the pre-pandemic days (remember those?) it was mooted in various places (e.g. Stereonet, What’s Best Forum) that French company Analog Audio Design was working on a design for a new tape deck. Such announcements are always hugely exciting news – but then the world went a bit AWOL and, I’ll be honest, my memory kind of went with it.

A prototype of the TR-1000 in 2019

But hang on, eyes open wide awake – looks like it’s either here, or close to being here! Thanks to good ol’ Facebook, Analog Audio Design just came to my attention again and, lo and behold, they have a machine…

Analog Audio Design is based in the North West of France and headed up by Christophe Martinez. You can be sure I’ll be knocking on Christophe’s door to request a virtual chat, but in the meantime, a rootle around their website tells me that two machines are planned, one of which is apparently just launched (though I’m not sure as yet if it’s a prototype/preview or the actual final product) and the other is on its way at the end of this year.

‘Just launched’ (to be confirmed) is the TP-1000: ‘TP’ for tape player (ie. playback only), for which you can find a full spec, diagrams images on Analog Audio Design’s website at (the site is English language so don’t worry if you’re not a French speaker). It’s a quarter-inch stereo deck that takes reels up to 12 inches, offers speeds of 7.5ips and 15ips, and allows you to switch between NAB and IEC equalisation. There isn’t a price listed as yet, which is why I’m wondering whether it’s available to buy at present.

Coming later in 2021 is the TR-1000, ‘R’ as in ‘record’, this model being designed for both playback and recording. Again, full details and specs are online, visit

My first thought on discovering this is, Yessss! Another excuse to pop over to France, have a look/listen and suss it all out! It feels like aeons have passed since my last trip over the channel when I went to visit RecordingTheMasters. But then realty sinks in… the whole travelling thing is still difficult right now (and the ‘traffic light system’ for entry into/exit from the UK seems to change more quickly – and far less predictably – than an actual traffic light), so I might have to shelve that idea for a while. Fortunately, my friends and fellow audiophiles Stuart and Linette Smith of hi-fi website Hi-Fi Pig are already ‘on the ground’ so to speak (they live in France) and have just done some sussing of their own.

“We’d heard that the tape player, the TP-1000, was going to be on show at a small art exhibition in a chapel on Sunday afternoon, and so we took the time to travel up there and take a look,” writes Stu.

Head over to Hi-Fi Pig to read all about out what they discovered.

Interestingly, Stu writes that “the price for the player is likely to be around €10,000” which suggests to me we’re not quite at full launch stage yet, but watch this space, I’ll aim to find out and report back.